The Castle,
The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is adjacent to the chapel.

The medicinal plants grown in this garden were used as simple remedies, rather than compounds. The garden is divided into six sections:

Women’s plants : to treat women’s ailments, in particular those in connection with pregnancy, the menstrual cycle and abortion.

War plants : to treat serious wartime injuries. For example, comfrey is used to heal deep wounds.

Animal plants : to treat the farm animals: tansy to treat worms, helleboris viridis to relieve pain.

Plants for minor ailments : to treat coughs, headaches, colds etc.

Plants to treat fevers : note the plural of fevers. In the Middle Ages, men and women were treated differently because the fever supposedly had a different origin for either sex.

Plants for hygiene : to protect dwellings from vermin, also used to dye hair and perfume the body.

From the garden there is a magnificent view of the outer walls.

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