Conquering Hearts

In the inner bailey, the story of Normand family at the time of William the conqueror.

The Conquering Hearts exhibition is integrated into the context of the celebrations around the 950th anniversary of Hastings battle. Through a succession of life-size portraits, this exhibition makes it possible to follow the adventures of the Crèvecoeur family over more than 200 years, from the death of Robert the Magnificent, Guillaume’s father, to the loss of Normandy to the benefit of the King of France at the beginning of the XIIth century. The exhibition, which mixes the great history with the adventures of a Normand family largely unknown so far, allows a new approach to the history of the conquest of England and the upheaval it entailed. The Conquering Heart exhibition is the fruit of unpublished university research on the Crèvecoeur family and will also be served by the drawings of Rémi Bostal, illustrator of comic strips.

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