Medieval entertainment
8 days of events,
[31th July to 7th August 2016]

An unforgettable journey in time! History brought to life !

For eight days, some sixty enthusiasts bring the Crèvecœur estate back to life as it was back in the 15th century.

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While peasants labour in the fields and stables and the lord of the castle oversees his estate in the company of his knights, musicians and chaplain, daily life is disrupted by unexpected events.

Come and behold unique scenes, as a spectator, witness and actor.

Undertake investigations to unravel plots and reveal the guilty parties! There’s a new enigma to be resolved every day.

Time to eat !
Try some produce from the chopping-board and pastry recipes from the Middle Ages, served all day, every day.

Festive banquets (reservation only), Tuesday 2 and Saturday 6 August
In the evening, give your taste buds an adventure by trying out the flavours and subtleties of medieval gastronomy, in a festive atmosphere.

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