[From 5th to 12th August, 2018]
Medieval entertainment

The week's programme

Superstitions and beliefs

In August, 1468, while the harvests beat their height and while we prepare in the jubilation the party of the harvests, a series of incidents comes to disturb the peace of mind of the seigneury of Crèvecoeur. The poisoning of a well, several animals found dead, an arson and cases of spontaneous madness arouse deep tensions within the domain …
The time of a few hours, become an investigator and help the inhabitants of the castle to discover what contrives in the castle.


Let's eat... like they did in the Middle Ages!

Medieval tavern:

Every day, all day... come and taste our medieval "tranchoirs" and pastries.

Banquets & Entertainment:

On the evenings of Tuesday 7th and Saturday 11th August : discover medieval gastronomy in a convivial atmospher. (booking required - call: +33 (0) or

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