Museum Price Schlumberger

The contest "Minds" is organized by Relay Sciences. Open to all scientific and / or technical Normandy teams, the competition aims to encourage innovative approaches to scientific mediation. It awards the Museum Price Schlumberger, worth € 10,000 by the Schlumberger Foundation Museum, and allows a project illustrating a research problem and allows the initiation of a dialogue with the public. The winning project is presented annually at the Science Festival before being released to the regional and national level.

The winners

Edition 2016 : Eye Sea 

The human eye perceives colors, but it is incapable to see the polarized light. On the contrary, the cuttlefish ignores colors, but detects the linear polarization of the light, what allows him to improve its vision of the contrasts and, under the sea, to spot more easily its preys. From this report, the researchers of the Group memory and behavioral plasticity (GMPc) propose a virtual scuba diving, to live "the experience of the cuttlefish".



Edition 2015 : The Muoscope

This year, the National Heavy Ion Accelerator (GANIL) and the Corpuscular Physics Laboratory (CPL) have chosen to present a project they have developed together : The Muoscope. The Schlumberger Museum prize has enable the design of a machine capabe of measuring cosmic radiation. The machine was presented during the 2015 edition of the Fête de la Science (science fair) and provided for use by secondary school teachers. An exchange and artistic creation plateform complete the project. > Learn more

Edition 2014 : Dynam'eau

The Schlumberger Museum prize for 2014 was awarded to the " Physical geography and environment " laboratory. The lab's project, entitled " Dynam'eau ", focuses on the water cycle and strives to illustrate the influence of topographical factors, land occupation and manmade developments in the pathways that surface water is led to follow, paying particular attention to the risk of flooding. > Learn more

Edition 2013 : Captil

Museum Price Schlumberger in 2013 was awarded to researchers GREYC . To attract the attention of the public, and young people on the importance of electronics in our society, researchers GREYC imagined "Captil". This device allows the viewer to better understand how a machine can interact with its environment through sensors. > Learn more


Edition 2012 : Cérébro


The Museum Prize 2012 was awarded Schlumberger Inserm unit "Serine Proteases and Pathophysiology of the Neurovascular Unit" (SP2U/U919) for the project "Cerebro". Like the technology used in laboratories, this team has created a digital device to explain to the public the importance of research in neuroscience and, more specifically, the treatment of stroke (CVA). > Learn more


Edition 2011 : Labosaïque

In 2011, the Museum Price Schlumberger was awarded to Nicolas Oresme Mathematics Laboratory for Labosaïque. Device invented by researchers, Labosaïque can perform many experiments on the pavements, a perfect example of "beautiful mathematics" and an intuitive introduction to the concept of modeling objects. > Learn more


Edition 2010 : Le Billotron

The first winner of Museum Schlumberger is the Corpuscular Physics Laboratory with Billotron. Taking the principle of the experiment Rutherford (1911), the father of nuclear physics, Billotron this research work by illustrating the scientific approach to access the infinitely small and observe the invisible.
> Learn more


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