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The proposed workshops are tailored to each class and can be integrated into your educational project. They cover the concepts learned in the curriculum. They aim to educate children to observe, to awaken their senses but also to introduce them to a time and often different from where they live.
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Cycle 1

Castle life
Knight without fear and without reproach

Cycles 2 & 3

Daily life in the Middle Ages
The Treasure of the 100 years war
Marsh flukes,
water Crèvecoeur
Simple and herb pot

Cycle 3

The passion of the book in the Middle Ages
The architecture timbered
The discovery of the basement
The Labosaïque,
mathematics otherwise



July 2018 - Day recreation centers
"The Middle Ages Festival"


Visiting conditions

Groups are accepted all year round on reservation (at least 15 children).
Workshops start at 10.00 am and 1.30 pm and last two hours.
Choose one workshop per half-day.
4,5 euros per child and per workshop - 8 euros for 2 workshop in day - Free for accompanying staff.

Please ensure there is one person to accompany 5 or 6 children.
There is a sheltered picnic area.
Educational leaflet and customised programme on request.

To improve comfort for all visitors, extra sanitary bungalows will be installed for school groups throughout May and June.

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or Téléphone : 33 (0) 231 630 245

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